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It all began when Merle was 9 years old; making up Italian words, inventing arias and singing with all the emotions of the dramatic highs and mysterious lows of opera. The neighbor said to her mother; "Mabel, you need to give that girl voice lessons". It wasn't until she was 14 that Merle began serious voice studies.

At age 16, she made her solo debut performing art songs and arias in three languages at the Mills College Concert Hall. Merle continued singing in classical concerts with various orchestras.

In the following years, Merle and her physician husband had four wonderful children. Looking back on his childhood, her youngest son was heard to say "I thought everybody's mom sang La Traviata in the kitchen".

In the late 70's, Merle had a new spiritual experience and made the transition to singing Christian music. Doors opened and over the next two decades she recorded four solo albums and traveled extensively sharing Christ through music.

Merle Morgan has toured with H.M.S. Richards, Jr., The Voice of Prophecy and other evangelistic teams to Europe, Guam, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, Bermuda, New York and other cities around the world--fulfilling her desire to reach and touch hearts with God's messages.

Since 1998, she has been involved with "Voice of Prophecy" Family Reunion concerts, participating in 14 live concert CD and DVD recordings. Merle recently released a new compilation CD of her own entitled, "Merle Morgan: The Signature Collection".
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The Signature Collection
The Signature Collection
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