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Dr. Cynthia Winthrop was born the youngest and seventh child to Joe and Thelma Williams of Tulsa, OK. She was influenced to pursue music by her father, the late Joe Williams, Jr. as she attended her father's choir rehearsal, "The Chorus of Angels" of Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the age of three. "My father used to sing acappella in Church a lot of times, and never hit a wrong note," says Cynthia. My father use to call me up at a moments notice to sing or play when no one else was prepared during church service. This is a spiritual habit that Cynthia still performs today. Cynthia went on to join the young Ghetto Choir of Tulsa, Oklahoma. She credits her first grade teacher, Ms. JoAnn Fields Gilford, for discovering that she had perfect pitch, something that is rarely heard. Ms Gilford invited Cynthia to sing her first solo "My Favorite Things," from the musical The Sound of Music at a special PTA meeting program. Upon Ms. Gilford's request, Mrs. Williams took Cynthia to the best piano teacher in town, Ms. Julia Warren. Mrs. Warren was just the right disciplinarian for Cynthia to seriously study music. Cynthia was able to skip introductory courses in piano, and move rapidly throughout the rhetoric of music.

Mezzo-soprano Cynthia has indeed been blessed with a natural talent for music. She has used her God given talents to sing with her home church, Bethel Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Mixed Chorus at Memorial Sr. High School, Tulsa OK, and her own group, "A Touch of Faith." Her zeal for music was enhanced as she traveled with the Recruitment Team at Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama and the Oakwood College Aeolians directed by Dr. Alma Blackmon. Cynthia's music ministry has grown out of her commitment and zeal for the Lord. She has performed in over twenty-five states. She travels regularly to the country of South Korea as an Ambassador for Christ. Cynthia has also ministered for the Lord in the following Countries: France, Korea, England and Italy. She will travel on tour to Germany, Africa, Australia, France, England, Italy and Korea on tour in 2006-2007. Cynthia's first CD, Simply Cynthia led others to coin her the name "Simply Cynthia." This latest CD Higher! features the hit single "I Want Jesus to Walk With Me," which as led many to believe that if they close their eyes and listen, they can revisit Mahalia Jackson.
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