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The first place winner of the Babbie Mason Music Conference International songwriting competition, singer/songwriter and speaker Charity Zisengwe (pronounced as Zee-sank-way) was born and raised in Zimbabwe. Growing up in a Christian home where both parents were elders in their local church, Charity was introduced to Christ from childhood by parents who lived what they preached. The 7th of nine siblings, Charity was born an invalid, which helped Charity to experience God's healing hand constantly since her parents often prayed for her whenever she was sick.

After grade school Charity went to a Christian school for her high school, where she got saved during her first year. In her third year, she formed a trio with two of her dorm room mates. Due to the rich harmony of this trio, more and more students began to join, and in no time Charity became the choir leader of over 50 richly harmonized a cappella voices. God began to open doors for this choir to minister to other students at the school, as well as during church services.

After high school Charity moved to USA for college and she graduated from Montclair State University in New Jersey. Her passion for singing has continued to grow and she has ministered at churches, women's events and conferences. Her love for the Lord is clearly shown through the lyrics of her songs. Wherever she has ministered, people are touched by the lyrics of her songs.
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Introducing Charity Z
Introducing Charity Z
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