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Sell Your Products from the Morning Song eStore
  The Morning Song eStore has a worldwide client base. We provide wonderful customer service that will represent you and your ministry well.

With each new artist and CD added to the eStore we are bringing more and newer traffic to the Morning Song eStore. We are known worldwide as a user friendly, discounted resource for great Christian Music. We have label artists as well as independent artist who sell their product here. We have 'new releases' and 'rare finds' that are often not available elsewhere. We welcome the opportunity to sell and distribute your music or book. Set up an account, then place a link on your artist web site to your eStore page and let us do the rest!

Benefits of Selling on the Morning Song eStore

  • Great customer service with both an 800 number and live online chat to help clients.
  • Expand your fan base by having your artist information and CDs on this well trafficked web site.
  • Easy to use online storefront with detailed account and order status services.
  • We ship on schedule, well protected and to most countries around the globe.
  • We accept all major credit cards while offering the highest in online security.

Approval Guidelines

Graphic Design - Your CD can't just sound good or your book read well. Your product needs to exhibit an attractive and marketable design that will appeal to our customers.
Production Quality - Audio recordings must meet high standards in recording and vocal quality. Recordings not produced in a professional recording studios are likely to be refused.
Active Ministry - We want to work with active ministries so that we can be a partner in your growth. If you plan to promote the MS eStore site on your website, in concert and from the stage, you'll be welcomed here. If you think that having your CD on our store in itself will bring sales, you are mistaken. We need you to drive clients to this site so we can professionally manage the sale, shipping and handle any problems that arise in shipping and delivery.

We reserve the right to refuse any product which does not meet these guidelines. If refused, your product(s) will be returned and any setup fees incurred will be refunded.

Wholesale and Distribution Terms

Setup Fee

There is a one-time setup fee of $35 per product title submitted for resale and distribution. You may mail us a check along with your product made out to Morning Song Distributing, Inc. or send via PayPal to


We ask for 6 CDs to be sent that is submitted for review. One CD is donated to the eStore library and 5 go in our accounts as consignment product. We use one CD as a store demo, which will be opened to scan cover art and create MP3 audio clips, if necessary.

Consignment System

All products begin in the consignment system, which means we will pay for them once they are sold on the eStore or to another retail outlet.

Consignment Migration

When the inventory of a product has been depleted we will email you a purchase order requesting more inventory and for you to confirm you email and mailing address. Then we will place a check in the mail or send you payment electronically for the consignment items that have been sold. At this point, all future product received from you will be migrated out of the consignment system and we will pay for them upon receipt.

Wholesale and Distribution Rates

Your product will be purchased at the wholesale and distribution rate at 40% of retail. For example, the full retail price for CDs is $15.98, which would be purchased at the distribution rate of $6.40.

How You Are Paid

You will receive your first check in the mail after your product has been migrated and the next inventory supply has been received. We can also send funds via PayPal if you would like.

Ship Your Product to:

Morning Song Distributing
ATTN: Consignment
3195 Grassy Cove Ln
Ooltewah, TN 37363

Please print this page, sign and include with your product shipment.

I,__________________________________________________, agree to the terms and conditions stated above.

Date ____/____/_______ (mm/dd/yyy)

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Wholesale Buyers
  In addition to selling directly to consumers, we supply quality products to bookstores and wholesale buyers. Morning Song Distributing exists to serve community Christian music stores and church bookstore in their search for the best in inspirational music.

Wholesale Catalog

Selected titles on the Morning Song eStore are available for wholesale distribution. You may click here or on the "wholesale catalog" link in bottom of the sidebar on the left. You can browse through what is available and then add to your cart.

How To Order Online

First, setup an account and then give us a call at (770) 456-5855 to complete your account activation. You must call us so that we can setup your account for you to see your wholesale rates for the products that are available at wholesale rates.

How To Order by Purchase Order

First-time orders require payment in advance. All subsequent orders can be placed with a purchase order. You can either fax the purchase order to (404) 506-9887, or call it in to (770) 456-5855. You can also submit your order online and select "purchase order" as your payment type.

Wholesale Rates

Wholesale rates are 60% of the full retail price of the product. For example, most CDs have a full retail price of $15.98 which makes the wholesale price $9.59.