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Some things you do for the money. Some things you do out of obligation, responsibility or a sense of nobility. But some things you do simply because you love-love-LOVE it. You can't imagine not doing it. It's the joyous gift God has put in your heart that makes passionate living possible.

For Randy Phillips, Shawn Craig and Dan Dean, that thing is ministry through music. More succinctly put: These guys love-love-LOVE to sing about God. And way beyond the 10 albums, 18 No.1 singles and 2 million+ records sold in the past 16 years, the story of God's grace in their lives just keeps getting bigger. The only way they could stop singing is to stop breathing, which is unlikely, because these guys just inhaled their second wind.

Their individual lives are steeped in local church ministry, but it's the power of song that keeps them coming back to the studio and stage. The latest project from Phillips, Craig & Dean, Top Of My Lungs, brilliantly captures the loud, boisterous excitement and joy these guys feel when they open their mouths to sing of God's bigger-than-life grace.
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Top of My Lungs
Top of My Lungs
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