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Sharing her gifts is one of her greatest passions. Slowly audiences are discovering her and are quickly captivated by her unique artistry. Mixing soul (R&B), jazz, blues and pop, Melissa's music finds a way for many to be easily hooked on no matter the age or background. With a combination of vocal and songwriting chops, Melissa also plays keyboard, guitar and violin.

As Music Connection Magazine says, "This artist has a voice that is not only skilled and imaginative, but distinct in its tonal quality, allowing her to take the material to a higher level."

Melissa started writing songs when she was only 16. It wasn't until the beginning of her college career when she was offered a publishing (songwriting) deal in Nashville, TN. In June 2003, she started writing for Word Music Publishing (Warner/Chapell).

Melissa searches for truth and answers within her music and at times simply reflecting on emotional and logical experiences in life. As she continues to grow and walk through different journeys, so will her music.
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Melissa Polinar
Melissa Polinar
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