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The Hillsview Trio began five years ago. Juanita(17), Clarissa(16), and Alissa(15), come from a diverse background that makes each as unique as the sound they create. Not only does each have her own distinct voice, but the way in which they blend their voices for their distinctive harmony captivates their audiences. Consequently their music reflects the versatility that each one brings to the group. Perhaps the greatest passion for each is their love of music. They each play musical instruments, but their greatest passion in music is to share and communicate the love of God through singing of Him. The message they would like each one to hear and reflect on, is that their Savior, Jesus, died for each one of us and that He loves us and wants us to live with Him forever.

Working with their voice teacher, Thomas R. Blaylock, the girls are looking forward to new horizons. While continuing to work on the basics of voice training, they aspire to improve their stage presence, voice quality and precision. They also look forward to doing more creative endeavors like their own song writing. Last, but not least, they enjoy traveling and sharing their testimony in song.
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Our Song Shall Be of Jesus
Our Song Shall Be of Jesus
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