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The year 2021 will mark my 40th year of music ministry and my official retirement from full time touring. In order to reduce inventory and to share 'music' during this time of stress, I'm offering these select CDs as free gifts. Order as many as you would like for your church, school or ministry and use as gifts – but not sold.

You will need to pay the shipping costs using a PayPal account. We have discontinued all credit card services on the estore.


One More Day
Constant Refuge
Shall We Learn To Be Friends
MS Praise I
The Time That Remains DVD

While you are browsing, please consider ordering a book or another CD to help us empty our inventory so we can close in 2021.

Steve Darmody has one of the smoothest voices in Gospel Music. Since winning first place in the Estes Park Christian Artists' National Vocal Competitions, his bass-baritone voice has often been compared to "milk chocolate." He travels throughout the world, singing for many denominational groups and national gatherings. He has been heard on several Christian television networks and has a long list of guest appearances that include the Pentagon, Carnegie Hall, the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Crystal Cathedral, and more.

Steve has sung for the Net Satellite meetings since 1995. He has helped Mark Finley in providing music for his crusades in the US as well as Romania and Australia. Other evangelists Steve has worked with include Kenneth Cox, Ron Halvorsen, C.E. Brooks, John Carter, Lonnie Melashenko, and Mike Tucker. He sings nearly every year at ASI, and at the last General Conference was invited to sing twice during the evening weekend meetings.

With nearly 3000 concerts and appearances on his resume, Steve has ministered in an unbelievable array of situations and venues - from military bases, hospitals, and shopping malls to some of the finest performing arts centers here and abroad, including Warsaw's National Philharmonic Theater. Multiple overseas tours have literally taken him around the world. But his heart has always been in the ministry and mission of the local church, especially in its outreach! His hope is that people will carry his songs into their daily lives, and be reminded that the claims of Christ, clearly found in His Word, will produce a life filled with contentment and peace.

His 40 years of music ministry have encompassed the musical styles of hymns, southern gospel, jazz and inspirational. Each of Steve's 7 CDs show a sampling of this varied style that reflects Steve's heart and passion to use music to reach out in all musical genres.

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Darmody CD - For Time And Eternity Darmody CD - One More Day Darmody CD - Simple Gospel
For Time and Eternity
Steve Darmody $14.98
486 in stock
One More Day
Steve Darmody $4.98
6499 in stock
The Simple Gospel
Steve Darmody $19.98
117 in stock
Darmody CD - Hymns on Heaven Darmody CD - Constant Refuge Darmody CD - The Time That Remains
Hymns on Heaven
Steve Darmody $9.98
1586 in stock
Constant Refuge
Steve Darmody $4.98
2941 in stock
The Time That Remains
Steve Darmody $14.98
596 in stock
Darmody CD - Shall We Learn To Be Friends Darmody CD - Christmas One More Day Radio Single
Shall We Learn To Be Friends
Steve Darmody CD: $4.98
2015 in stock
Steve Darmody $9.98
1388 in stock
One More Day Radio Single
Steve Darmody $1.99
118 in stock
Steve Darmody
Vision of Tomorrow Radio Single Friends (Cassette) Constant Refuge (cassette)
Vision of Tomorrow (single)
Compilation $1.99
27 in stock
Friends (Cassette)
Steve Darmody $0.99
1 in stock
Constant Refuge (cassette)
Steve Darmody $0.99
2 in stock
Hymns on Heaven (Cassette) MS Praise I Darmody DVD - Time That Remains
Hymns on Heaven (Cassette)
Steve Darmody $0.99
7 in stock
Morning Song Praise I
Compilation $2.00
2056 in stock
Time That Remains (DVD)
DVD Price: $14.98
591 in stock
One More Day (MP3) The Time That Remains (MP3) For Time And Eternity (MP3)
One More Day (MP3)
MP3 DL Price: $9.00
10 in stock
The Time That Remains (MP3)
MP3 DL Price: $9.00
10 in stock
For Time And Eternity (MP3)
MP3 DL Price: $9.00
10 in stock