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Joyce Pierce offers up a message of spiritual love and worship with her debut Christian release -24/7 Intimate Praise. And like the balanced wings of a dove, her music conveys a sense of innocence, tenderness, and peace to fans of all styles and genres.

Joyce Wright joined the multi-Grammy winning quintet, The Fifth Dimension, in 1979. Already an established act, Joyce stepped into the big time with The Fifth Dimension and dates all over the world including private performances for President Reagan, The US Press Corp and a slew of international delegates, as well as television performances on Solid Gold, Johnny Carson Show, and Merv Griffin. After a long run in Las Vegas with several hit shows and a Broadway production and tour of Fats Waller's "Ain't Misbehavin'" under her belt, Joyce left The Fifth Dimension in 1987 to pursue a solo career.

The 43 weeks per year on the road, day in and day out had taken its toll, when one evening she encountered Phil Driscoll. Pierce recollects, "I knew the point at which my back was against the wall from the grueling schedule of being in such a huge group. After a show at Trump Palace with The Fifth Dimension, I was watching Phil Driscoll and realized the power and anointing in what he was doing and how it helped other people." That overwhelming combination of musical and inspirational power eventually led her in the same direction.

Some time later and now married, Joyce relocated to Milwaukee with her husband, pro NBA player Ricky Pierce, where she performed at the Milwaukee Symphony Pop Series and continued with her music doing ads and jingles until her husband was traded to the Seattle Supersonics. Joyce Pierce recorded and released her debut solo effort in 1992 at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles with noted producer/writer/arranger Patrick Moten (Anita Baker, Rosie Gaines, Ike & Tina Turner). Released independently, the single had great success in Europe.

In 1994, Joyce made the decision to turn her attentions to raising her family but all the while music and the message continued to tug at her soul. She took the opportunity to start singing in church, which became the pivotal point in her career. "I saw what a difference it made to everyone there and what a difference it made to me," she says, and soon after began to toy with the idea of releasing a Christian CD.

Ten years had come to pass while raising her family and searching for God's voice from inside. Joyce did a lot of soul searching and listening for Him to convey what He wanted to hear from her. In 2004, she teamed up with prominent producer/engineer, Dan Workman (Beyonce, Destiny's Child, ZZ Top), to put together a collection of inspirational songs of worship in the name of Our Lord, entitled 24/7 Intimate Praise. For all who listen, the album is as diverse and enlightening as the message that it sends - one of peace, hope, faith and love.
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24/7 Intimate Praise
24/7 Intimate Praise
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