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Art Mapa was born in Manila, Philippines. He was 9 when he first spoke his very first english word and was 12 when he taught himself to play the guitar.

Art was asked to play for a couple of top 40 bands performing in the San Francisco Bay area at the age of 15. His early influences were Santana, George Benson, Herbie Hancock, Bob James, Joe Pass, Chick Corea, Earl Klugh, Jeff Lorber and Pete McLeod!

Art became a radiologic technologist after graduating from college. He worked for 5 years at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in Southern California as a CAT scan supervisor.

Heritage Singers was in search of a guitar player to tour with them in the mid 80's. Art's always had respect and admiration for their unique sound and have grown up listening to their music. The opportunity to be a member of this premier gospel group, who's lead by Max Mace, was truly an honor for Art Mapa. He toured with them from 1985 to 1992 as the group's band leader.

His first ever recording experience was with Heritage's "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" album. In 1993, Heritage decided to build their own recording studio. Turning Point Studio became Art's focus and passion. His inability to read music did not prevent him from playing on, and producing many projects for Heritage and other artists.

Mostly working as a one-man-band, Art's involvement in creating music includes producing, arranging, song writing, sequencing, playing the keys, bass, guitars, programming the drums and percussion, recording, engineering, digital audio editing, mixing and mastering.

Currently, Art still enjoys arranging and producing the music tracks for Heritage and other artists. He also found a new passion, which is producing music videos... With Tim Davis arranging the intricate and lush vocal parts, Heritage continues to be in the forefront and integral part of the gospel music scene.

He also freelances as a jingle composer/programmer for ReelWorld Productions. He has also scored a few shows for Showtime. When Art manages to squeeze in some spare time, he's spending them by working on new songs for Val's next project and also his next instrumental CD.
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