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Believe what you hear! Recording artist Adrian Pressley is a "genius of vocal colors." With his rich bass voice he has galvanized audiences all over the world. Adrian says, "I strongly believe the Lord is using me with music; the Lord has used me through song where the spoken word may not have been readily received." Indeed, the Lord has been using Adrian's voice for a long time.

Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, he sang in church at a very early age. Since graduating from Andrews University in Michigan, he has soared musically. As a member of the internationally known gospel group Harvest Celebration, he toured the gospel circuit extensively throughout North America and parts of Africa and Europe. He has appeared on media programs such as Pat Robertson's 700 Club.

One of the soul-stirring moments in Adrian's career came in 1991. From 1991-1994, he sang with the world renowned Harlem Spiritual Ensemble, a group dedicated to the preservation and presentation of American Negro Spirituals - arguably America's first classical music. During his tenure with the group, he traveled the globe performing in countries such as France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Italy, Vienna, Nigeria, and Botswana.