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Juanita started playing the piano at age five and soon after was regularly playing hymns in church. Throughout the year's, family, friends, co-workers and others kept encouraging her to pursue a professional career. In 1999 Juanita did just that.

Her first CD, Holy Hands, was released in 2002. Since then she has toured Alberta playing her eclectic mix of jazz, inspirational, latin jazz and traditional Christian music. Her second CD, Attitudes, was nominated for four Canadian Christian music awards. God has been opening doors for her in many Christian and secular venues.

Juanita Faas has been playing in the church virtually all her life. Winning various awards in her youth, a music scholarship to Anderson University in Anderson Indiana, and many honours throughout her life. Juanita has been classically trained and accompanied ballet classes for 20 years. During this time Juanita learned to improvise, compose, arrange, and create music at a moments notice. This lead her to her main interest, Jazz. In the mid 90's Juanita was playing keyboards for the Lyle Rebbeck jazz trio. Juanita takes traditional church music and revitalizes it, composes some of her own music as well. She uses, jazz, latin jazz, R&B, gospel, rap, and classical stylings creating a eclectic muisc style. Juanita has appeared on Christian television shows and her music has been aired on Christian and non Christian radio. In 2003 Juanita joined World Vision Canada as an Associate Artist. Juanita's goal is to reach the lost for Christ through her music. The real heart of Juanita's playing comes from God's Love touching her in a personal and passionate way.
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