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Angel Award winner, Vonda Beerman, is an inspirational soprano with an obvious passion for “message” songs. Vonda has consistently strove to keep true to her calling as one of God’s musicians, singing concerts in churches, prisons, camp-meetings and numerous telecasts and special events. You can also find her music on Pandora Radio, iTunes Store and Radio, as well as countless others.

Vonda travels the country sharing her testimony and music with a passion. Some call her the sweetest voice in Christian music today. A voice of an angel. Vonda’s passion for the Lord surely comes out in her concerts and gives you good spiritual food to take home for a lifetime.

Other comments you will hear about Vonda Beerman’s music... her voice “flows like a ribbon, as sweet and pure as milk and honey.” “Her music gives you a piece of Heaven.” “She sings like a bird”.

Vonda travels extensively working with churches, media ministries and evangelistic endeavors.
Email Morning Song Concerts, submit an online booking form , call 404-806-7479
or visit Vonda's booking site at
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Touch of Country
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I Choose You
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Will You Love Jesus More?
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